About Gentry Consulting

Gentry Consulting was formed in January 2006 by Mark Gentry.  Mr. Gentry is a managed care professional with more that 23 years of health plan administration and information technology management experience.  Throughout his career he developed his expertise working through the various positions of several managed care organizations.  From his early days as an analyst, to his later roles in executive management, he has honed his skill from the ground up.  Still very much hands on, yet able to see the big picture, he decided to take his talents out into the wild. 

Managed by Mr. Gentry, Gentry Consulting is a small organization which big capabilities.  Our small administrative staff helps us keep our rates low while our extensive network of industry experts helps use tackle a broad array of solutions.

Our Mission

To understand the needs of our customer.  To provide services that efficiently and effectively meet those needs.  To provide those services in a manner so that every customer has absolute trust in calling upon us again in the future.

Some of our accomplishments

  • Completely re-engineered client's risk adjustment process and underlying information technology allowing them to see an instant improvement in quality, a throughput increase of over 300%, and all with no addition staff or increase in IT expenses
  • Managed risk adjustment coding accuracy projects that netted client's health plan customers 10 of millions of dollars year over year
  • Provided consulting and overall project management for a client team that resulted in the successful award and final implementation of a new Medicare Advantage contract with the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)...  full health plan start-up
  • Provided support and acted as a liaison for CMS grant applications for 3 separateConsumer Oriented and Operated Health Plans (Health CO-OPs) that resulted in loan wards for 2 of the 3.
  • Provided project management for the implementation of two Health CO-OPs onto the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace... full health plan start-ups
  • Provided consulting and project management for health plan licensing applications in multiple states resulting in HMO licenses for newly formed health plans
  • Successfully managed development, submission, and approval of Qualified Health Plan certification on ACA Marketplace for client health plan for consecutive benefit years